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Awesome Websites

The search for a web designer can be a difficult one, especially within the abundance of choice.

At Sailsnake we specialize in web design with the emphasis on unique user experiences. Utilizing our creative capacity is a constant theme, allowing us to think outside the box. We look for ways to make the individual stand out in a crowd, through art, sound, perseverance and passion. 

See if our methods meet your expectations!

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We listen and investigate before we create. We value clear communication, personal involvement and a connection with you and your products or services. This is reflected in our work process: we feel the need to meet! We love a diverse audience and welcome everyone, regardless of geographic area, to get in touch with us. 

Our Product

Sailsnake doesn't rely on Wordpress or page-builders to develop your online platform; rather, we construct it using the Jamstack approach. Why?

We made the choice to employ Jamstack because it's the ideal approach for crafting fast, secure, and dependable websites that foster trust, durability, and security! We’ve outlined the advantages.

Performance - Jamstack websites excel in terms of performance, particularly in loading speed, which enhances the user experience and other essential SEO factors.

Security - Jamstack websites feature a separate connection between the front and back of the site, providing an added layer of security. 

Flexibility - building with Jamstack is highly modular, eliminating the need for a plugin eco-system and allowing for more creative control over the site's appearance and functionality. 

Maintainability - Jamstack websites are easier to maintain, with no requirement for a team of experts to ensure their stability. The CMS is tailored to your needs, making it simple to add or remove content without any extraneous options.

Cheaper - a Jamstack website is great for your wallet! We’re eliminating the need for extensive hosting packages or plugins, as well as saving significant maintenance time.

At Sailsnake, we are enthusiastic about Jamstack websites, and we're not the only ones: their popularity is on the rise. Opting for Jamstack means selecting a contemporary approach. However, as with any artistic medium, the medium employed can only communicate a limited amount about its impact. We understand that connection, expertise, and creativity are the determining factors for a project's success!

Our process

Every project starts with a conversation without any obligation. We love to invest some of our time to get to know you and hear about your dreams and goals. Based on this exchange we’ll be able to see if we’re a match and, if so, offer you a quote.  

If you accept our offer we’ll start the project. We’ve divided the process into four stages to ensure smooth sailing. 


This stage will be dedicated to strategy research and strategy determination based on the goals set. All available information and materials will be collected, researched and organised. To smoothen this process we’ll create a sitemap, which will be the index of your website.


In the design phase the chosen strategy is implemented. We’ll start this stage with building a wireframe. Wireframes provide a clear overview of the page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, functionality, and intended behaviours. Simply put: it’s the blueprint of your website.

Based on the wireframe we’ll start with the design. We will regularly contact you about our progress and for your feedback. Only after approval we’ll go to the next stage: construction.


The construction phase will be all about implementing the design. This is the part of web design with lots of numbers and digits. With it comes a lot of refining and testing. 

You can just sit back and let us do the work! We’ll keep you in the loop about our progress.


Although your website is constructed, it still isn’t ready for publication. Bummer right? Lots of stuff still need to happen before we are ready for take-off. After all, we have to make sure you’ll be able to reach the stars!

It's a long list, but a few examples are: finalizing content, implementing SEO practices and setting up your business e-mail. We’ll be working with a checklist to make sure nothing is forgotten and you’ll be able to fly on your own.

Have we captured your attention?

We’d love to get in touch! Feel free to contact us through our contact form!

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Unique Visual Identity

To show what makes you different can be a challenge. How to separate from the rest of the pack? The starting point is your visual identity!

Sailsnake can help you shape your visual identity. We consistently tap into our creativity to come up with unique solutions that set our clients apart from the crowd. 

Discover if our approach lives up to your expectations!

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A visual identity: all visible elements of your brand.

Your visual identity is what characterizes and makes your brand tangible. In the sense of communication it forms a constant such as logo designs, brand colours, and typography. A good visual identity translates the DNA of your brand into something that your audience recognizes and embraces.

Learn more about our product and process below!

Our products

At our creative studio, we love crafting custom-made visual identities. We understand that each brand is unique and requires a personalized approach. 

To meet your specific design needs, we offer personalized solutions, including custom logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, email signatures, online banners, and merchandise. 

Bear in mind that establishing successful results demands consistent application, which is why we also offer the option for a Visual Identity Guide with instructions on how to implement your visual identity in future endeavors. 

Upon completion of the project, we'll provide your files in various file formats, including PDF, PNG and SVG. Ready to use for digital, print and press!

Our process

We kick off every project with an online meeting. The first one is on the house, thus without any obligations! We’re happy to dedicate some time to understand your aspirations and objectives. Based on this exchange, we can evaluate if we're a good fit and, if so, present you with a quote. 

If you accept our offer we’ll start the project. We've broken down the process into three stages to create a seamless experience.


The primary focus of this phase will be on conducting strategic research and defining a strategy that aligns with the established goals. We'll gather, examine, and organize all available information to develop a mood board to guide the creative direction. Regular communication will be maintained to update you on our development and to seek your input.


The chosen approach is executed in the design stage. The length of this stage is dependent on the scope of the project. To ensure you are informed and can provide feedback, we will provide frequent updates. We’re only happy if the end result meets your needs!

Hand over

After finalizing the project we will hand over the final designs in multiple file formats. If you have opted in for one, we will provide you with a Visual Identity Guide that can help you establish your brand in future projects.

Have we peeked your interest? 

Want to know more about what we can do for you? Use our contact form to reach out to us!


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Developers Special

You know what we love more than our own creative ideas? Clients who come to us with creative ideas! 

Whether it's a big idea or a small one, well-developed or just a fleeting thought, we don't mind. We realize that not every idea is a winner, and we have our share of not-so-great ones too. The key is to allow them and filter through. It’s part of the process. 

Do you have an idea that does not fit a known box? Pull up the chair, we’re all ears!

Perhaps you have an idea and don't know if it is possible to achieve?

Ideas are often rejected not because they lack quality, but because they deviate from what is considered the norm. A pity, as it often means that valuable innovations and concepts are overlooked!

Have you come up with an idea that defies classification? Tell us all about it and we’ll let you know if that is something we can build for you! In addition to the necessary graphic knowledge, we also have experience with sound and audio! 

Curious about what we can achieve?

Contact us using our contact form, be sure to provide a detailed description of your idea so that we can offer you a prompt answer!

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We offerYou

  • Two very eager individuals who love to get creative
  • A clear and transparent workflow
  • Quality services as a product
  • An informal yet professional relation

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